Grace-its the name I was given as a infant.

Grace- Its the name I didn’t like when I was 7 I prefered the name Jessie or Bobby, something that would fit my life of mischief.

Grace- Its the name I tried and failed to find a nick-name for when I was 12 so when I made the move to the cities people would call me something better than Grace.

Grace- It the name I added a Y to to make it look more quirky when I wrote it down with a fountain pen.

Grace- Its the name I never blogged by.

Grace-Its the name that has been worn out with nagging, reminding, calling, and disciplining.

Grace-Its the name that has been whispered late at night when my sister and I are talking about our hopes.

Grace-Its the name that has been called out at night when the little girl I was babysitting had a bad dream

Grace-Its the name no one thought fit me. Surely a Grace would be lovely and graceful, a gentle spirt.

Grace-Its the name that only a very special few have discarded for the name Gracie

Grace-Its the name on my student ID, drivers license, passport, and birth certificate

Grace-Its the name that I love to hear called out from across a room of dear friends

Grace-Its a name that means many things. Loveliness, Beauty, Good will, Thankful spirit, Undeserved gift, or as Urban Dictionary says it means “sunrises, singing birds, blossoming flowers. All those things that remind us why life is worth living.”


Grace-Its the unmerited favor of our heavenly father.

Gods Grace-Its the hope I have come to trust.

Gods Grace- Its the only reason I can do anything good.

Gods Grace- Its what I sing about every Sunday.

Gods Grace-Its what gets me though times of trouble and times of joy.

Gods Grace-Its the only hope I need


Grace-Its the name I have grown to love. Its the name full of meaning. Its the name I wouldn’t trade, even for a name like Cordelia.



3 thoughts on “Grace

  1. grace – the word that was full of such meaning at the time when you were in my womb.

    grace – power to live this life given to us by Christ. There’s nothing good that we do that isn’t by grace.

    grace – the unbelievable mercy that has covered every one of my sins against God.

    grace – the unimaginable reality that God was granting a new life into our family, though I didn’t deserve it, exactly 7 years to the month after I had taken a life.

    grace- the way God redeems everything in our lives for good, even my parenting blunders.

    Grace – the name of my beautiful girl who has taught me so much more about God’s grace through her life and is more precious to me than words can say.

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