I could post

(I am taking a break from the 30 day thing because it has caused me to not post anything. )

I am not sure what to post. I really don’t have much to say these days and what I do have so say I get out before I post it here. I guess I could say that my summer has been wonderful. I could say that I am ready to be done with school which has yet to start. I might post about how life is going to hit me in the face in about one year from now, maybe sooner. I might post about how most of my friends are not heading back to school with me but heading off for new and greater adventures, but then I would need to tell you all how excited I am for them. So maybe I will talk about my cold feet, longing for something new but I know in my heart that I wouldn’t be ready even if I had the chance to leap. I could talk about how grateful I am for the new friends that I love and how its hard to let old friends grow on their own. What I should say is that I am trying hard to find all my hope in Christ and by his grace is it getting easier to see this truth but I still fail often. Maybe I should just go to sleep.



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