::Day 19::

Ok I haven’t posted in ages. I am sorry. All I can say is its summer and I have been crazy busy. Climbing rocks, going on rides, bussing downtown, singing, swimming, watching the sunrise, dancing, mudfights, talking into the late hours of the night, babysitting, walking, getting drawn on (don’t worry I wasn’t drinking), hitting up the MOA, moving into a new room, you get the idea. Long story short is that I am posting but may not post again for a few weeks.

Back to the challenge: Today I must post a picture of me when I was little, I was pretty cute back in the day.

Ok now a song. So I saw West Side Story last night at a big theater down town. It was the broadway cast! I mean it was ligit. Out seats could have been better…but hey we moved up for the second half. It was amazing. Dancing, singing, acting, set, lights, so good over all. I wont get into the nitty gritty. It was wonderful show. So here is my favorite song from the night from the movie.

‘A Boy Like That/I Have A Love’ Major goosebump song. I can’t get over that one. I almost cried. Watch the whole thing.


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