::Day 17::

A person who has had a impact on my life recently. One person who comes to mind is Miss. Moriah. She inspires me to always be full of joy, to be myself, to love Christ more than this life, to dream, to create, to explore, to imagine, to keep my hair down, to love everything that God throws my way. She is Godly young woman and I am so glad I know her. Twinkle.

And a song that I have listen to over 100 times (Its says on itunes) There are two of them. One is “After the Storm” By Mumford and Sons. I have heard that 115 times on my computer. But I posted that song already, so I am going to post “Orange Colored Sky” By Nat King Cole.  This one is second with 108 listens.


One thought on “::Day 17::

  1. grace.

    this gave me tears.

    thank you for sharing your beautiful self with me.
    you are such a treasure. and an encouragement. and an inspiration. and i love you.

    i cannot wait to go thrifting and have a story shoot with you (and so much more)!

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