For those of you who don’t know I love music. But I can’t play a note. I don’t play piano, guitar, cello or harp. This makes me feel insecure at times because I have a lot of friends who can play pretty much anything they get their hands on and also write songs like no ones business. All I can do is sing.

But yesterday during the sermon at church I realized something for the millionth time. But this time it stuck. God gave me my voice. God gave me the gifts that he did for a reason. And that reason is to glorify him by using it. So rather than about how I can’t play the guitar or the piano and wishing I was more like so and so, I am going to sing my heart out, and not to show it off, but for his glory. I want to show people the joy that I have in Christ. I can show this joy by singing.

So I thank God for the gift of music, and I pray I will use any musical skill I have for him.


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