::Day 3::

Today I need to post the cast of my favorite show.

Well after thinking about it and trying to pick a favorite I decided to pick Psych (Monk is next in line.)

Psych is about a psychic detective…well he isn’t really but he pretends to be one. He and his friend Gus solve crimes for the unappreciative police. This show just makes me laugh and laugh and laugh, not to mention it is super quotable!

Today I am commanded to post my least favorite song. I don’t like this category. But to hear is to obey so I am going to say that one of my least favorite songs would be “Butterfly Kisses” by Bob Carlisle. I am sorry saps but its just so annoying! And sappy. I like sappy. I hate this song so much. My dad cried once while listening to this, that still didn’t make me like it…


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