A few of my favorite things…

::These are a few of my favorite things. In random order::

Flowers, Sunshine, Swimming in rivers, Singing new songs, Holding little babies, Theater, Being warm, People, The Gospel, Dreaming, Birds singing, Butterflies, Costumes, Grandparents, The smell of dirt, Tea parties, Mud, Dancing around to Taylor Swift, Eating, Watercolors, Playing music with friends, Football, Getting dressed up, Fruit, Veggies, Eyes, Going to my favorite church in the whole wide world, Staying up late looking at the stars from my bed room window, Tapping my feet, Playing really long board games, Getting flowers on my birthday, Drying flowers, Decorating my blue room, Going on adventures, Doing musical reenactments, Going to a good play, Eating snow, Sleepovers, Living, Playing music  my my brother, Sunday Worship, Carpooling, Petting dogs, Skipping classes because of snow, The BGB, Chatting on Facebook, Swing dancing, Running into people who I didn’t expect to see, New old dresses, hand-me-downs, Braids, Making pies, Photography, Being a character on stage, Lockets, Silly faces, Fountain pens, Eating real food, Egg salad sandwiches, People who sing the loudest even though they can’t quite stay on key, Walking, Car music, Trying on expensive dresses at the mall with friends and not buying them, Bare feet, Prank calls, Secrets, Pandora, Greek myths, Surprise parties, Little kids, Candles, Giving back rides, Wishing wells, Awkward looking hugs, The sea side, Paper planes, Movies, Dancing in the car, Wind running through my hair, and Looking at the sky.


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