Act One Scene 17a

Spot light down stage right where Grace is sitting on a stool very dramatically. The spotlight follows her through the following scene.

Grace: (talking to audience) I need to start making some decisions about my life. I think I want to pursue theater. My questions are: Should I go all out, into debt, work really hard and try to get into a pretty good school or conservatory(as she says this she looks as if trying hard to convince herself that she could do it)? Should I just start auditioning places? Should I double major in ASL and theater (she groans)? Should I go to a school with a theater program and just focus on theater? I just don’t know.

She walks down stage left and picks up her microphone looking at it as if she had never seen it before

I also want to keep music in my life. I love singing. Is that something I could do professionally? I just don’t know.

She sets down mic and walks to center stage

What if I get married, become a stay at home mom, homeschool, teach acting at a co-op, and sing with my 12 kids at talent shows? That doesn’t sound that bad—-(She pauses, smiles, and then lets out a laugh)

I just want to keep theater in my life somehow. You know what I really, really, really wish I could do?  I wish I could go on broadway. (she starts running around dancing a bit) Sing and Act! (She trips over her feet and looks up dismayed) I just don’t know if I can do Musical theater. I never have really tried—and I can’t dance—obviously.

She walks stage right, sits at the same place she started and lets out a sigh

Sorry folks. Just needed to get that out somewhere. I don’t know what is coming in my life but I am glad that I know that God knows. Otherwise, I would freak out!

(Black out)


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