17 years

Life. I am only 16  (a few hours from 17) but I feel like I have lived forever. But that is because it has been my forever. In my mind I have lived for forever because it is the only forever I have known. I am going to go through my life and say one good thing for each year. Because by the way. It is my birthday tomorrow.

1-year-old:. I was born.

2-years-old: I understood what friends were and made one that will be life long. Meg.

3-years-old: I stayed the night at the hospital.

4-years-old: I sang in front of my church

5-years-old: I had the best birthday party ever!

6-years-old: I got my favorite stuffed bunny ever who is turning 11 tomorrow. Grace. Yes, I did name my bunny Grace.

7-years-old: I swam across the river for the first time, and swung off the tree swing.

8-years-old: I was in a band. We sang a  song that we wrote in public and when to the barber shop to perform it. Complete with dancing. And I had two pet bunnies. Jack and Jill.

9-years-old: I was in the Sound of Music. It was my first taste of theater.

10-years-old: I got third place in swimming. Woot woot. Oh and I got a Blue ribbon for my pie crust.

11-years-old: I Went to Mexico for the first time. It was my first taste of Sign Language (We worked at a deaf center).

12-years-old: I went to Mexico for the second time and loved it! I moved from small town Iowa to big city Minnesota which changed everything. It was like waking up one day and finding that you are a new person with a new life. Actually, that is pretty much what happened. I met new friends and started acting classes with CB productions. I went to a new church that seemed so strange to me.

13-years-old:  I understood for the first time truly what it was to be saved by the Grace of Christ.

14-years-old: I was in a play with Beth, Bronte, Steph, and Becca directed by Mrs. S. I took a dance class with Mrs. S. I got in my first CB productions play, and I started taking voice lessons. We moved to a new house, which I love! And Erin and Roman moved in with us.

15-years-old: I flew on a plane. Which was so scary! I got my first Pigeons. And lets not forget the Lord of the Rings party!! And the Jane Austen party!

16-years-old: Oh my. Lets see. I have grown in my faith a lot this year, I am learning to trust God with my life and learning to only look to him for joy and salvation. I played Anne in Anne of Green Gables which was my dream role. I made a lot of really good friends! I am now in a band, singing. Other stuff. I think I know what I want to do with my life. I started PSEO classes. I have grown in my confidence to be myself. I went swing dancing for the first time. I made a movie. I dog sat for a dog for a really long time. I found Mumford and Sons and a lot of other new music. I went to Canada. I sang in front of people. I got dressed up and went to a play. I had a water fight while my good friend visited. I started a blog. I dyed my hair red. Lots of things. Too many. It was a good year. So happy to be alive.


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