Rest in peace Fanny.

This is a tribute to my second favorite pigeon. Why is it always my girls that die? She has been a very unhealthy pigeon ever since I got her in the summer of 2009. She would lay and egg and then not sit on it and be sick. I would bring her into the house (her and Blablabla were the only birds I ever brought into the house) and wash her up and put her in the back room (in a little cage) with a fan and some nice fresh hay. She could never fly at all. She stayed on the ground all the time. She was a wonderful pigeon and I will miss caring for her. She leaves behind her mate, Garth. I will not tell how she died because it is not a very nice story, at all. So rest in peace Fanny!

Fanny in the summer of 2010. Look at her beautiful purple tone.



One thought on “Rest in peace Fanny.

  1. Oh, i’m sorry! It’s so hard to lose a pet. Even a bird. I lost one of my chickens last summer to a fox and it was so hard to think about how she (Darcy) died. I hope Fanny died in a little better way than that.

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