Today I had a job interview at a healthy living center. The job is for the childcare department, I would be watching and playing with kids all day and getting paid for it! How perfect for me! I love kids, and I’m not going to lie, I am a fan of money as well. As if these two things were not great enough there is another plus to this job. If I understand correctly, I get a free membership to the center.  This means a pool, equipment to workout on, and the option of taking classes (this would still cost money but it’s still a perk!). I really hope I get this job! It will mean time that I will no longer have and of course it’s going to be work, but since I need a job anyway this seems perfect!  I thought the interview went well. It was harder than the other interview I had last summer but I still think it went pretty well! So please pray that I get the job! That would be very nice! I will let you all know what happens!



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