For all my Moods

So today I am sort of copying Classic Bronte’s post on music and the different affects it has one her. Except I am posting about what music I listen to when I am in a certain mood or am trying to get out of a certain mood.

When I am over the top happy I listen to: Yael Naim

When I am feeling discouraged I put on some: ‘Come, Weary Saints’ Sovereign Grace Music

When I am feeling girly I go to: Disney Princesses

When I am normal and trying to focus its all: Mumford and Sons

When I feel like dancing: Big Band  (Just try not to dance to this)

When I need a laugh: Apologetix

When I am feeling romantic: Braveheart

When I am feeling sappy: Owl City/Skysailing

When I want to bob my head: Rehab

For a floating around the house: Florence and the Machine

For most other times I put on: Coldplay, Abigail Washburn and the Sparrow Quartet, or some good musicals.


2 thoughts on “For all my Moods

  1. Great music! Wow! Thank you for posting these songs for us to listen to 🙂
    I especially like the Yael Naim one, the Benny Goodman one, the Apologetix one, but my personal, best, absolute favorite of all of them is the last one, Cosmic Love by Florence and the Machine! Love it! Thank you for introducing some new and wonderful music to us here! 🙂

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