Don’t read this post

So I am up late. Can’t sleep. Story of my life. A friend is sleeping over so I am sleeping on the futon, which is not comfy at all. I was just laying there thinking about things of no interest to anyone but maybe my dog, and said to myself “Self, go write a blog post.” So here I am.

Tonight I went swing dancing. It was a lot of fun, but far too crowded. My hair got all messy and in my face, but I didn’t really care that much.  Should I care? I don’t know. Does it matter. Not at all. Why am I saying this? I am tired.

I ate some cheese cake when I got home. It was very yummy. I made some toast, and didn’t eat it all. I hadn’t eaten anything since breakfast. My fault, I was just lazy and didn’t feel like cooking anything. I forgot to feed my pigeons today. I feel really bad about it but don’t really want to go outside by myself in the dark and in the cold. If you are reading this I am so sorry. You might just want to stop now. It can only go down hill from here.

Sometimes life is hard, sometimes it’s not. I am so glad I know that God is sovereign. It helps a lot, a lot. And I mean a lot. I feel bad for people who don’t know that. How do they get though life? I don’t think I could.

I picked up my books from NCU today. They are new, last year they were used. It’s special.

Wow, I really am sorry. But I guess this is my blog, I am just throwing out my most random thoughts right now, and I guess that is what a blog is sort of for right?

Oh make a wish! Its 1:11! I wished for something. You wish you knew what it was. But not really, because it was lame and will most likely never happen.

I am sorry…again. I should just go. This is a bit awkward. Not to mention boring.

Goodnight moon. This has been a good chat. Because apparently I was talking to the moon that whole time…right….


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