Child of the Promise

This is a Musical of The Nativity. Its so good! It is called ‘Child of the Promise.’ I have listened to it since I was little.

It starts with Micah, Jeremiah, Zachariah fortelling the birth of the Chirst. They come out one by one and then sing in unison. Oh its so good! Then it goes to Zacharias in the temple the angel Gabriel sings a powerful song (The guy who plays Gabriel is amazing! The best in the show! he is played by Russ Taff) Then Zacharias sings a song of disbelief (After All These Years) which ends in Gabriel’s rebuke.

Oh yah. Did I mention that Zacharias is played by the one and only (drum roll please) Michael Crawford!! And he is amazing! Any way back to the story…

Then one thing leads to another, John in born (When The Dream Never Dies), Mary is visited by and angle (Let it be), Joseph doesn’t believe her and sing this sadish love song ( The Mary I know), They journey to Bethlehem (I Wanted All That For You), Jesus is born, The shepherd are in their fields and they sing this great song(Nothing ever happens to a Shepherd), Then Gabriel and other angels come and sing a goose bump song (Glory To God).

Then the plot thickens! The wise men meet with King Herod (This casting is also great! Danny Gans plays King Herod), King Herod Plots his evil plot and sings a great villain song (I Have To Do What I Have To Do), Then the wise men come.

Then comes the part when we all cry.”Joseph And Simeon Recitative” and “What My Eyes Have Seen” Sung by Amy Grant  plays Anna the prophetess (I know she has a young voice but its still beautiful), and Vince Gill plays Simeon. They are wonderful songs that get me every time.

Then Joseph has the dream warning him to leave because of King Herod. They walk off and the whole cast comes out and sings “Child of the Promise”

This is the opening song. I know some of the prophets sound really young. But it is still wonderful!



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