Swimming in sunlight

I can not sleep. I have tried all sorts of things to make me fall asleep. I got in bed and shut my eyes, I opened them after trying in vain to fall asleep for about a half hour. So I read, I sang softly, I went on facebook, I went back to bed, I looked at the wall, I got up, I looked for scholarships, I went on facebook, I went to a blog, I read the whole thing, I changed the settings on this blog. I tried hard to become sleepy, but alas my efforts were in vain. So I thought I would share my troubles with you dear reader. Thank you for staying up with me this night. Although, most likely you will read this during the day, if you ever read it at all.

Ok sleep, any time now.

Is “Mr. Sandman” the one who brings sleep or is he the one who brings dreams?

Speaking of dreams, this time last night I was sleeping. I had this dream. It was a lovely dream. You may want to hear about it. You may not. If you are at all interested the dream goes as follows:

I was outside in the summer and we were playing Camelot on the shore of a great river. When I say we I mean me and some lovely elf like humans who I have never seen prior to this dream and will most likely never see again. I fell in the river. I braced my self for the cold wetness that I knew would overtake me. But the water wasn’t not wet or cold. It was like swimming in sun light. Warm golden sunlight on a late morning in late May. We swam. We looked at the blue, green, and purple fish. Then we swam into a cave to have tea and cherries. When we make the long journey home we got in trouble for tracking mud all over. But we didn’t mind cleaning it up, because the day was good and we were all ready to go to sleep.

I think I am now ready to fall asleep and to have a new dream. An even better one. Good night world. You are lovely and I am glad to be alive in you.



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