Rest in peace Blablabla

This is a tribute to my favorite pigeon. I got her when she was just a baby. She couldn’t even fly yet. She has had many names from Lily to Hepzibah. She had a twin who died last year, I always forgot who was who. She was known affectionately as Blablabla (Blu-blu-bla). Today my lovely Blablabla passed away. She was a good bird. The best. It was most likely her goodness that killed her. She didn’t fight for her food like the other birds. It always worried me but I thought she just must not be hungry.  She was weakened and then the cold got the better of her. Rest in peace sweet Blablabla. Say hello to your sweet sister for me.

Eppie and Blablabla in the summer of 2009

Blablabla in the summer of 2010


One thought on “Rest in peace Blablabla

  1. You named a dead bird after me!? At least a nickname??? I am scared to see that this is how you see me… a pigeon with no competitive edge! waaaaahhhhh!!!

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