I had my auditions for A Tale of Two Cites yesterday. May I just say I did not need to stress out about the french accent as much as I did, I stunk at it but so did most of the others who were there. And I learned some killer advise on how to do a accent today from one of my friends mom. She told me to keep my tongue on the bottom of my mouth as much as I could. It works! I have been doing it all day. When I showed my brother ( who usually mocks my attempts and a french accent) he got this big smile on his face like “Wow” so I am happy. But its still not the best accent in the world. Far from it.

They were odd auditions. We did the monologs that we prepared and then we did a few cold readings. And that was the end. This show is going to be very physical so I thought we would be doing a lot of improv at auditions. We did none. There were only 2 1/2 hours and about 25 people auditioning so Carla (our director) did not have much time. Carla never ceases to amaze me. The way she can see potential or a character in such a small amount of time is amazing. And the casting is always perfect and a lot of time unexpected.

Please pray that I get called back (along with my friends who also auditioned) and that if I don’t I will be content! I really want to get in this play and I have a long week of waiting for the callback list ahead of me.



One thought on “Auditions…

  1. Ahhh. I’m gonna try that trick now! Oh! And Carla said that callbacks will be mostly improv and putting on different characters. She also said to get into to shape; to do pull-ups and build arm muscles. Greeeaat…

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