I have always loved looking at costumes. My favorite place to look was always Brielle’s wardrobe. Her site has now moved to to this address:

If you like costumes check it out!


One thought on “Briellecostumes

  1. Grace! I’m so happy that I found your blog 🙂 Thanks for the link to the costume site–so fun! I’m actually working on a costume of my own right now–it’s a dark green dress (not sure what time period it actually is–medieval? Maybe?) with gold trim and brown cord lacing up the front. I’m so excited to wear it! I’m going to a costume party at the end of the month and I really want to have it done for that. I’m going as Marian from the Robin Hood tv show that I love (which you would like, too! It’s on watch instantly). No one at the party will really know who she is, but it’s fun all the same 🙂 Anyway, sorry for the massive comment. I’m done now. Wait, no.

    Miss you guys!!!!!!!

    Okay, done.

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