Grape Vine Wreaths

My Mum, my Sister Becca, and I made Grape Vine Wreaths this week. You see my Dad has this thing about vines growing on the house, so we have to cut them down each fall (Happy second Anniversary House!).  So we started making wreaths. It is very tedious work but also very simple (does that make any sense at all?).  It is very satisfying work, it looks beautiful when finished. This was a very good year for our vine and we got four odd shaped wreaths out of it ( I know that doesn’t sound like much but it is for a summers worth of vines).

So if you want to make your own grape vine wreaths you will need clippers and of course grape vines.

First you cut down the vine in the longest strips you can get without getting scratched. Its a good idea to not cut them all down at once so you don’t have a massive pile in case you want to finish later, also the vines get tangly and it can be a pain to untangle them. You then rip all the leafs off the vine. This step can not be skipped. I know what you are thinking ” oh but the leafs look so pretty and celtic and magical”. Hahaha, no. Rip those things off. they will look terrible once they dry.

With the thickest longest vine in the heap make a frame. you can make it as big as you want. To get it to stay in a circle just wrap one end around the other.

Then it gets fun. Just pick up random vine and twist it around the frame. Those cute little curly things sticking out of the vine are great sealers, and they look super cute when they are dry.

Once you have it to the desirable size you are done. Hang up too dry  for a while, add some garnishing, and you will have a beautiful homemade wreath.

Enjoy some photos of our fun.

Come back later for some photos of the wreaths once dried, and also photos of some of our dried flowers!


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