The Journey of a plump Chicken.

::This post  contains some potentially disturbing photos of chickens::

A few weeks ago I was able to visit my CSA farm for a work party. When I was thinking of farm work I assumed I would be, weeding, harvsting, and feeding chickens…not slaughtering them.

We were the only ones there for the first 45 minutes.  And this is what we did.

First “Mr. Farmer” entered the part of the yard where the chickens run free. He then attempted to capture one. after about 3 minutes of struggling he fialy has the chicken which he then kills, he does this by snapping the neck ( this is the most humane way to do it).

He then cut the dead chickens head off with an axe.

Then the chicken held upside down by the feet till most of the blood has dripped out. After the blood stops dripping they take the chicken inside and quickly dunk it in boiling hot water (this makes it easier to pluck the feathers).

We then plucked the chicken until there were no feathers left.

Then comes the fun part…gutting.

“Mr. Farmer” Asked me very suddenly if I wanted to try gutting the chicken. And before I knew what has happened I had a knife in one hand and a chicken in the other.

First I cut off the feet, then I pulled out the neck. I then cut a strip in the lower belly and proceeded to pull out innards… with my bare hands…I still cant believe I did it.

We then feed the “leftovers” to the pigs, and washed out the inside of the body. Once the chicken was bagged we went to help with weeding.

The next day I woke up to find this is the crock pot.

It was a very good lunch which I enjoyed even more knowing I had earned it. Yay!


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