Hello world!

Hello World!

Well my name is Graycie, I have long hair, and bitten down nails. I live in a speckled house surrounded by evergreens and hostas. I am very thankful for my wonderful family, and my wonderful friends! I love photography and am currently saving up for a Canon of some kind. In the part of the yard I can see through my bedroom window you will find, 3 little Pigeons cooing in there coop, and a almost dead rose bush. I love to sing, laugh, talk nonstop, draw, paint, dry or press flowers, and act.

I am a Christian. Which means I believe that God sent his son Jesus Christ to the world, to live the prefect life I never could, and then be the sacrifice for all my sin. So in his Abundant Grace he paid for all my Abundant sin. I am truly a sinner saved my AMAZING grace.

Please join me as I try to make a real blog  on which I will post, my thoughts, photos, stories, and other such things. Help out by leaving a comment!


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